Angie Dobrzynski, REALTOR®


The Jury Group Realtors

108 Dennis Drive Lexington, KY 40503

My ultimate goal in life is to be of service. That is why I initially chose a career in the medical field as a physician assistant and now why I have chosen to be a Realtor. I have lived in several different places in the U.S.A., many different places in Kentucky which is my home state, and in England. I am a mom, step mom, godmother, wife, daughter, sister, etc...  I wear many different hats, and I take them all very seriously. Being a Realtor is no different, and I am dedicated to providing the best service to my clients that is possible. I am happily married to Brad who has been on the Lexington Fire Department for 18 years. I have two dogs who are basically my babies. I have been a singer ever since I was little, and I began singing professionally in a band 22 years ago. Some of my hobbies are jogging, gardening, reading, and volunteering at my church. I have an unusual, some would say, love for pigs as well, and I hope to own one some day as my pet!

If you want dedication, drive, and devotion to making positive things happen for you then I am your person!

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